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Dr. Julian Henley, Facial Plastic Surgeon
& Innovator in Science and Medicine

Dr. Julian Henley is a surgeon, a scientists and an artist. His keen eye and love for science led to the development of state-of-the art facial surgical techniques including the NEW BioMatrix Lift™, Orbital Lift, and the Waddle Neck Lift.

Dr Henley having training and board certification in Otolaryngology in addition to Cosmetic Curgery is in a unique position to correct nasal airway and sinus problems and at the same time improve the appearance of the nose or face. Dr Henley is Harvard and UCSF trained and spent many years on teaching staff at Yale. He is a developer of new surgical techniques and inventor of 32 issued medical technology patents

Dr. Julian Henley is a double board certified surgeon who has successfully served patients in New Haven, CT. and the surrounding areas as well as Manhattan, NY, Florida, and patients from Italy, Jamaica and Brazil. Dr. Henley’s facial plastic surgery expertise is now available to patients in Cheyenne, Fort Collins, and Denver as well as Scottsbluff and Gerring Nebraska.  His passion for facial symmetry leads to superior results that are natural and balanced. His results are admired by peers, professionals and the public alike. Dr. Henley is a featured Rhinoplasty doctor on RealSelf.

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a way for people to look and feel their best. By enhancing a person’s natural beauty, plastic surgery Denver can help improve a person’s self esteem and quality of life. If you have considered undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, you need an acclaimed and qualified plastic surgeon to ensure that your results meet or even exceed your expectations. You need a facial plastic surgeon that values your needs, creates natural looking results, (not caricatures), and cares about your well-being above all else. For aesthetic results that you will be completely satisfied with and a doctor that values your needs, turn to Dr. Julian Henley for your plastic surgery procedure.

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